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Prep for Your First Visit

What happens during the first visit?

Your first visit includes some administrative details, a review of your health history, a comprehensive interview and assessment, treatment, and recommendations for follow-up if needed. This first visit usually takes 90-120 minutes. Follow-up visits are 60 minutes.

After going over your administrative forms,
I will review your health history and conduct a detailed intake interview to better understand your health concerns, and to determine how I can best help you. Along with some standard diagnostic measurements like temperature and blood pressure, I will also take your pulse and look at your tongue to complete the examination.

Once my examination is complete, you’ll get settled on the massage table and I will swab each of the points where I intend to insert a needle with an alcohol pad. Needles are inserted in a specific sequence and remain inserted for a minimum of 20 minutes, depending on whether other techniques are needed. The treatment is completed after I remove all the needles.

What else do I need to know?

Do you take insurance?

Because of the administrative and labor costs associated with processing insurance, I am not able to take insurance at this time. The time and money I save in not billing and following up with insurance companies I can pass on to you. I offer everyone my Time of Service rates when their accounts are paid in full on each visit. I also offer a special New Patient package, so please ask me for details if you're interested.

As a courtesy, I can prepare a Superbill or detailed invoice that you can submit for reimbursement to your insurance, or through a Health or Flexible Savings Account.

Patient Forms

To save time, you can access the required forms for your first visit here. These forms include (click the button to access the document):

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